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      Remote control gas logs... way to go !
  Gas Log Remote Control Systems 
    Our remote control systems, from leading manufacturers such as SkyTech & RH Peterson, are designed to provide dependable lighting of your gas log set by using a battery powered transmitter, receiver and valve. With battery operated systems there are no unsightly wires to clutter up your hearth area.

   Both lines offer a simple piloted Safety Pilot Kit (i.e., standing pilot or adjustable pilot) with on/off and variable flame height remotes. Safety Pilot Kits are required by law in many states. Both lines also carry non-piloted Electronic Pilot Kits (i.e., electronic ignition or IPI) with standard on/off remote.

   Fireplaces Plus offers installation of remote systems for either natural gas or propane. A visit to our showroom will give you a chance to experience the difference in each remote system, so that you may select the one best suited for your home.

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